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Company Profile

Founded in June 2005 and headquartered in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, SHENZHEN E-SUN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. has a wholly-owned subsidiary ZHUHAI E-SUN MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. which was registered in September 2018, located in Fushan Industrial Park,Doumen District, Zhuhai.
ZHUHAI E-SUN has 13 , 000 square meters of single plant, focus on providing high quality special film for PCB upstream and downstream industry, there are R&D center and 10000-level dust-free production workshop in it. And an office in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, so as to realize rapid and effective response and support to customers in East China. In recent years, in order to expand the market, e-Sun has set up an office in Taiwan and began to sell our self-developed film products in Taiwan.

Since the foundation of the company, e-Sun has kept focus on distributing high end materials for PCB. e-Sun is the distributor of Dupont PCB materials,was mainly engaged in the import of Riston dry films, Pyralux flexible laminates, Special chemical solution for PCB and Tedlar release films produced by Dupont. In 2015, e-Sun moved its plant to Shenzhen Guangming New District and extended the plant by adding the coating line. Meanwhile, it increased investment in environmental protection facilities and began to carry out R&D and production of release films. e-Sun began the transformation, laying equal stress on independent R&D and production and trade.In order to continue to expand production capacity, improve production efficiency and provide customers with better and efficient service, e-Sun moved to the film processing plant from Guangming New District to Zhuhai Fushan Industrial Zone in September 2019. The New Plant in Zhuhai plan to lay out 4 coating lines, 5 slitting machines and 15 cutting machines that at present, the60% investment in fixed assets have been realized. By the end of 2021, the annual output of self-produced release films is expected to achieves 45 million square meters. There is a R & D center in the New Plant, including four laboratories: Chemical synthesis laboratory, Chemical laboratory, Physical laboratory and Coating laboratory.
e-Sun is a knowledge-intensive company. Before establishment, the founder of company Mr. Yang Tianzhi was engaged in technical service and sales work of PCB materials in Dupont's electronic materials division for 12 years, thus having a profound understanding of the PCB processing and raw materials sales, and blending this understanding into the blood of e-Sun team. e-Sun's R&D team with a strong new product development capability can provide customized service for PCB manufacturers. According to different production needs of customers, it can develop and design a variety of film products, such as Release film, 3in1 Release film, Protective film, Carrying film, etc. At present, e-Sun has successively obtained 16 patents regarding high performance release film production(including 14 utility model patents and 2 invention patent), and More than ten other patents pending grant. e-Suns sales team and technical service team are composed of senior professionals who have rich product knowledge and processing experience in the PCB industry, especially in imaging transfer and pressing process.
e-Sun attaches great importance to team construction and improvement, thus conducting regular technical training and communication every month, to facilitate team unity and common growth. For the promotion of related products, e-Sun aims to create value and help customers improve the yield and production efficiency of the product process, so as to achieve a win-win situation for both sides.
As the affiliated enterprise of Shenzhen Seiwajyuku, e-Sun always adhere to Inamori Kazuo's philosophy of life and business philosophy as our business philosophy, with the altruistic culture based on human kindness, has made constant exploration, pursuit, breakthrough and progress for many years, and has gained rich fruits and formed a long-term and close business cooperation relationship with many benchmarking enterprises in the PCB industry. e-Sun's products are distributed throughout the domestic market and exported to Southeast Asian countries.
e-Sun remain true to our initial aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind, is running forward with a vigorous attitude and unprecedented momentum!



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